Friday, April 25, 2008


One of my goals is to be a member of this fantastic group of photographers that volunteer their time and service to provide lasting memories and keepsakes for grieving families. From the moment I heard about NILMDTS I wanted to join, but I don't feel my photographic abilities are where they need to be to capture these rare and precious moments. During these moments you cannot have equipment failure or operator failure-everything has to be perfect, because these moments you can never get back.

I wish I would have been more informed after my miscarriage. I think I would like to have a photo of our baby girl. I found out months afterwards that we most likely could have gotten our baby girl's footprints-I wish someone at the hospital would have asked me if I wanted her footprints. That is one reason I wanted to start the memory boxes. I want to make sure other parents are more informed than I was.

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