Thursday, April 24, 2008


Well my sister got a Nintendo Wii for Christmas this past year and since she is a young single business woman, she takes may fun and exciting weekend trips and doesn't have much time to play. So this weekend, when she getting ready for yet another fun filled weekend, I asked her to pack up her Wii and let me have it for the weekend. After 24 hours with the thing in my house, she will most likely have to fight my husband and my 3 year old son to get the thing back (I'd fight for it too but I'm too sweet for that-lol). Anyway, last night me and DH played and just fell in love with it. Something we can do together, at home after the kids go to bed. Besides the usual him at the computer and me at my scrap table and/or in front of the tv. It was fun and we got a great mini workout-until we realize we could play just as well sitting on the couch.

So today my son and I played-he had been bugging me to play since my sister put the thing in my truck-not that he knew what it was, he just knew it was a game. Like father like son, he is really into games, whether it be a video game or a computer game. But I digress, anyway, we played for about 2.5 hours before lunch-and he did exceptionally well for a 3 year old. I've also been using the game as a discipline tool-yes every new toy he gets has come in handy for discipline. "If you don't stop whining you cannot play your new game tonight!" works wonders!!!

So we will be in the market for one real soon. And yes, at my sister's request I will take some photos of J playing the Wii and post them here soon!

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