Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day four of daycare

Well from the time I picked up J from school yesterday he begged me not to take him back to school again. Said he didn't like school and wanted to stay home. He woke up this morning saying the same thing. We spent about two hours in the doctor's office this morning (for me-that is another story) and I finally had to tell him "We are not talking about it anymore-we are at the doctor's office let's just concentrate on that for now." And he did good the rest of the time and didn't mention it but a few more times. Then we pulled into the daycare parking lot and he wasn't happy. He didn't cry but said over and over he didn't want to go to school. We dropped his sister off first and then J had to go potty. So in the bathroom he teared up a bit and I reminded him he brought his "blue bear" to school with him today and he could hold "blue bear" during nap time. And reminded him we would get ice cream after school. Told him I'd come see him after nap time, told him not to cry because that makes mommy cry too. He choked back his tears really well-he sure wanted to cry though. We walked to his room and his teacher was waiting at the door and walked him to his nap mat. I"ll have to check later to see if he cried after I left. He really hates nap time-I would too it is 2 hours long-he rarely ever takes that long of a nap at home. So getting here right at nap time was not good-but couldn't be helped since we were stuck at the doctor's office for TWO HOURS!!!!

Anyway, only one more day to go and then we will be on vacation for a week...then we get to start ALL OVER again. UGH!!

Is this job really worth it???? hmmm...

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