Friday, July 18, 2008


baby girl posing for mommy

J playing at the pool

J fell asleep at dinner one night

Me and Keith at Hammer head's-it was so HOT!!

We got back from Destin, Fl last night about 7pm. We had a great week, it was hot and tiring but we enjoyed it. My entire family came home sick. Keith and the kids have sinus infections, I'm taking the kids to the doctor today. Keith is taking my refill antibiotic from when I had a sinus infection last week (shame shame yes I know). I ended up with a stomach bug which I guess is how I ended up losing four pounds even though I ate a ton of junk and totally disregarded Atkins for over a week.

So I will be back on track-guess oreos for breakfast this morning was not a good start though.

I will get some picturs from vacation up as soon as I get a chance to unpack and get these kiddos well. Mommy is very tired - sick babies can do that to you.

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