Friday, August 27, 2010

My first bike ride

I bought myself a bike almost a month ago and FINALLY took it for a spin today, a VERY SHORT spin-wow was it rough. I totally enjoyed it but wow it was tough on my legs. Its just what I need!

Some of my favorite memories as a child are of my ENTIRE family-dad, mom with younger sister in tow, me and my brother riding bikes around the neighborhood. I remember stopping at the end of our street and getting honey suckles.

I want my kids to have those memories too. Yes my parents were a little younger than I am now and much more active, but I have always been an active person-I've just gotten lazy the last few years. So here is to getting back into shape so I can enjoy the great outdoors with my kids. And its the perfect time of year-it'll be cooking off.....well in about a month. But that gives ME time to get into a little better shape. I know there is NO way I will be able to tow any of my kids right now anyway.

So here is my beautiful (cheap) bike...

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