Monday, October 1, 2007

Menu Plan Monday 10/1

Alright a start of a new month!!! Last month I lost a total of 7 pounds!! YIPPEE! But six pounds were lost in the first week and one pound in the last-so what happened in between??? Who knows. I did stray a bit but I still stayed below 2000 calories a day. So I am going to give it another try with the low calorie diet and try to watch my fat and carb intake. The website I use to track my food intake shows my diet is about 50% carbs, 32% fat and 18% protein. So I think I need to work on my carb and fat intake and get them both below 20%. My mom just did Atkins for 6 months and lost 50 pounds. But in reviewing the foods that you can eat-I just don't think I could do Atkins. I am a very picky eater and I don't care for too many vegetables. It seems most of the veggies I do like are not allowed on the Atkins diet. Plus I love sandwiches-cold or hot-and I just don't know if I could go without bread. So I am going to give another good go at the low calorie diet for another two weeks. If I don't see the results I want then I might just have to try Atkins. I really want to meet my goal of losing all my baby weight before January 1st. That is 33 pounds, in three months!!!

So this week I am going to try some new recipes from the WW Cookbook,= I borrowed a couple of weeks ago. I love trying new recipes so we will see how it goes.

Monday: Taco Chicken Tortilla Wraps pg 158 w/refried beans
Tuesday: Grilled Teriyaki Chops pg 93 w/corn
Wednesday: Pan-glazed Chicken w/basil pg 105 w/brown sugar sweet potatoes pg 184
Thursday: Roasted Garlic Potato soup pg 162
Friday: Italian Pot Roast pg 91 w/broccoli couscous pg 186 (if i can find couscous)

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