Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas Crafts

Well I felt a little crafty yesterday and while at Walmart I bought a little kit to make these adorable ginger bread men/women, candy canes and candy. Everything is cut all you have to do is glue the pieces together and you can attach a pin or magnet to the back. For $5 I think it was great entertainment for little J who is now 3 years old! He loved working with the glue (he has had a little practice when helping his dad put together rockets). So we made a few and we'll save the rest for Sunday lunch at my in laws-my six nieces and nephews will be there too so that will give them all something to create and make a big mess with.

Since J is not in daycare I feel like he is missing out on a lot of crafty things and probably on a lot of educational things. So I am really trying to figure out a routine to include some "school work" and craft time. I've got a schedule all figured out, now only if my 4 month old and J would allow me to follow the schedule and if I was disciplined enough to follow one myself-we'd could get a lot of stuff done!

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Ter said...

he did a great job! :)