Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Weigh In #9

Well after two birthday parties, two nights of eating out and one night of pizza...I was not surprised not to see the scale go down this week. Actually it was up about .2 pounds-but I'm not counting that since I had only nursed once this morning and had about 40 ounces to drink already. I usually weigh in after I nurse the baby for the second time-but lately she has been sleeping until about 8:30-9am so I only get one feeding in before breakfast. Which is just fine by me!

I am hoping for better results next week. Which means I really need to watch what I eat at our two Thanksgiving dinners this week. Dinner tonight and tomorrow night will have plenty of non figure friendly foods-including macaroni and cheese-my most favorite holiday dish! Although I am making it this year so it probably won't be as good. Need to make sure my mom makes at least one pan of it in case mine is a bust! It just isn't Thanksgiving without that mac and cheese.

So here is to drinking more water and getting some exercise this week to offset all the good food we'll be eating.

I did get out yesterday and take the kids to the park. J and I played a little soccer. Of course I was carrying the baby in the sling so I couldn't do a lot of "running around" but I did work up a sweat. I sure miss playing soccer. I am looking forward to getting back into shape so maybe this summer I can plan on an adult league and/or coach J's team if he is old enough to play next year.

Good luck to everyone! And Happy Thanksgiving!

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