Monday, November 26, 2007

Menu Plan Monday 11/26

We had lots of leftovers from Thanksgiving, so much that I opted to put them in the freezer for Christmas instead of eating leftovers by myself this week. Dh doesn't care for a lot of the holiday casseroles and I really don't need to be eating them since I am trying to lose weight. So into the freezer they went. So we have a small pan of dressing, sweet potatoes, lima beans, and dressing. Plus I had prepared two large pans of mac & cheese, one for Wednesday dinner with my in-laws and one for Thanksgiving day with my family. We only ate half a pan on Wednesday so we just used the leftovers for Thursday and put the full pan in the freezer. And a friend made us a HUGE pan of dressing and we halved it and only cooked half of it Thanksgiving day and put the other pan in the freezer (and ended up only eating about half of the dressing anyway). So that is a lot of cooking already taken care of for Christmas-hopefully they will all freeze well and recook well. Will see.

As for this week of meal planning, I am doing my best not to have to make a grocery run. I might have to make a run for milk and sprites but that will hopefully be it. Tonight we tried Philly steak and cheese sandwiches. They turned out very tasty. Wal-mart sells a small box of thinly slice meat in the freezer department, saw it the other day and thought I'd try it out. I pulled a few pieces of green and red bell pepper from the freezer (that I had previously cut up and placed in freezer bags) and stir fried them with the meat. Placed them on tasted buns with shredded mozzarella cheese-delish! This was a recipe from Weight Watchers 5 Ingredient 15 Minute Cookbook Everything on the menu this week comes from this cookbook- I JUST LOVE THIS COOKBOOK!! I will let you know how everything turns out. I am not a fan of salmon-but I did cook it several weeks ago using a recipe from this book and it was WONDERFUL! So I cannot wait to try it again!

Monday: Philly steak & cheese sandwiches, w/apple slices and chips
Tuesday: Terriyaki Pork Loin
Wednesday: Grilled Honey Balsamic Salmon w/veggies and baked fries
Thursday: Terriyaki Grilled Chicken
Friday: Roast w/mashed potatoes and corn

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