Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Something you don't see everyday

Our neighbor knocked on our door the other day to inform us that the HUGE oak tree in their backyard was split down the middle. She said she was having someone come out to give an estimate on what it would cost to remove the tree. She wanted us to be aware although she didn't think it would fall.

Two days later a ladder truck showed up and began cutting the branches off the big oak tree. It took them 2.5 days to get the tree down. Near the end of the second day they had completed removing all the limbs and began cutting the trunk piece by piece. When the first piece hit the ground I had just run upstairs to retrieve J's shoes and when it hit the ground it shook the entire house. J responded "mommy you scared me!". I had to explain it wasn't mommy that made the house shake, it was the tree trunk. And then another piece fell as we left the house.

It was interesting to watch them cut it down. I wish I would have thought about it and gotten out the video camera or even set up the digital camera to take still shots. Think it would have made for a cute video on u-tube in fast forward. Kinda like the lady that took pictures of herself everyday of her pregnancy or the person that lost weight. Cool videos.

anyway-here are a few photos I snapped of the tree removal.

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