Monday, June 2, 2008

Weigh in #3

Well I wasn't as excited this morning as the previous two weigh-ins. Although I still lost 2 lbs I'd like to have seen a bigger loss. I did start going to the gym today. The kids did well. J didn't want to leave when I went to pick him up. And baby girl was asleep when I dropped her off so there were no tears. I'm really afraid she will cry when I drop her off and that will just break my heart. I only rode the bike for about 20 minutes because we got there so late and the day care center was only open for another 30 minutes. Oh well, I will just have to start getting up and moving earlier in the mornings instead of taking my usual nap until 9am.

Anyway, hopefully next week we will see a bigger loss. I do feel much better and clothes are fitting much better. I have yet to wear the dress I bought a few weeks ago-mabye soon.

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Mama Bear June said...

Hey, two pounds is GREAT! I haven't lost two pounds in months. :-P

You asked about the before and after pic I have on my blog. I made that on in their fitness section. I think you might need to register to get it.