Friday, June 27, 2008

Big boy haircut

Well after a weekend full of strangers asking if my beautiful son was a "boy or a girl" I decided it was time to get his hair cut. I still could not part with his long hair so I told her to keep it a little long but to give it a good trim and "lighten" it up a bit. Well I'm not happy with it. The bangs are way to short for my taste and I never really care for that "freshly cut" look on little boys bangs anyway. So for a few weeks I'll have to slick them to the side to avoid that fresh cut look. So here are some pictures of the before and after..


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Ter said...

I think it looks cute.

My mom got alot of those "is that a boy or girl" questions too when my brother was younger! It finally came to an end when someone said to him "oh you're a pretty little girl" and he was like "i'm not a gurrrll. I'm a booooy!" lol.