Monday, August 25, 2008


Well I read a blog post the other day on biting, the poster's daughter had been bit for the first time at daycare. I sent her a comment about how our son was in daycare a year before he got his first bite at 15 months-on his last day of daycare. And now that they are both in daycare and have been for the last month they haven't had any bites, nor have I heard anything about bitting going on. Well of course wouldn't you know my baby girl got bit THREE TIMES today!! Before the teacher could get to her the other child bit her three times! My poor baby girls arm was so red, luckily it did not break the skin. I know these things happen so I didn't get upset-but my poor baby has bruises on her arm now :(

Hopefully it won't happen again-but like I said these things do happen.

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