Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day care update!!

On Monday both the kids moved up a room at daycare. J moved to the "3 year old" room and baby girl moved to toddler 1. J has hated going to school and even made up a song last week on the way to school one morning, "I don't want to go to school ever, ever, never, never. I don't want to go to school, no, no, no, no, no, no". Cute Cute! Well yesterday he started his new class with Mrs. Joyce. We had open house last Thursday night and he was able to meet his new teacher, see his new room, and even play with the toys for a bit. So when he got up MOnday morning he said, "mommy, I go to Mrs. Joyce's class today". He still said several times that he did not want to go to school but he wasn't too whiny about it. Well I saw him several times during the day and we'd wave at each other and I'd give him a kiss from time to time and he seemed to be doing well. Same for baby girl. I saw her a couple of times int he lunch room and she didn't cry or fuss when she saw me-she just kinda looked at me with this blank stare like "who are you and why are you looking at me?".

Anyway, yesterday I had to take baby girl to the doctor for her check up. So after my lunch break I went back to the school to get the kids. Got baby girl first because they were already up from nap and then went by J's room-they were just getting up. I got his stuff together and we began to leave. But in the hallway he said, "mommy, maybe I changed my mind, maybe I want to stay". WOW!!!! From not ever, ever, never, never wanting to go to school to wanting to stay!! What a turn around!! Give that Mrs. Joyce a raise!!! So I left him there while I took baby girl to the doctor.

Then this morning on the way to school he made up another song, "I want to go to school, now, now, now!". And usually in the mornings he closes his eyes as we approach the school and fusses when he first sees the school. But this morning he got excited when he saw the school and even said "yay my school".

Mommy is very happy!!

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