Thursday, August 21, 2008

Daycare Update!

The kids are doing GREAT!!! J is absolutely loving his new class!! He says the nap is a "little bit" long and not "so so so so so so long" like it was in his previous class. He is doing great with his work-although I wish he would write his own name on his paper. I told him he needed to and he said, "but Mommy, my teacher writes my name on my paper." He is doing well with discipline I think-I just thought to ask about it this week. She has envelopes and they have green, yellow and red papers in them. They start the day off on green if they get in trouble once it goes to yellow and then red-red is BAD!!! J was on yellow one day this week, because he left the room without asking. He was going to the bathroom.

Baby girl is doing well. They told me she wasn't eating her breakfast and I had to confess that I let the kids eat butter cookies on the way to school. So they fuss at me each morning and tell me not to even put her at the table because she won't eat. Well one day this week she did not have cookies on the way to school and still did not eat breakfast. So this morning she had cookies on the way to school!! HAHA. She is doing well taking a nap on her mat! That was a big surprise! I figured it'd take them forever to get her use to laying on the floor on a mat for naptime-but they said she went right to sleep the first day!!

So with the kids doing well mommy is doing well-most of the time. It is such a challenge going from a stay at home mom to a working mom!! On the days I work until 6pm we don't make it home until almost 7pm, then it's dinner and baths and that leaves little to no time for play and relaxing. So I am going to have to work on that. It isn't like I actually "cook" much anymore anyway-I usually just have hot dogs or macaroni and cheese on my late days-but I've got to find more time for play!!

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