Thursday, August 21, 2008

Weight Loss Update

Well things were going well until I started my new job. Kinda hard to stick to Atkins when there is so much yummy candy in my office!! I have gained about 7 pounds in the last two months. My birthday is less than 30 days away and I'd really like to lose another 10 pounds. Of course most of that will be the weight I've gained back in the last 2 months but oh well. I did quit my gym membership-I found one closer to my office that is only $20 a month!! So I do plan on getting by there in the next month and joining it. But in the meantime I hope to get out on the track and do some walking and maybe work up to some running. I'd really like to get back into running-did a lot of running in high school and college and although I was never a fast runner I did enjoy it.

So my goals for the next month: stick to Atkins-which I plan to do until I get to my goal weight. Start walking and work up to a light jog!!! That is about it as far as food and diet go.

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