Thursday, November 5, 2009

Craft Room

(can you tell I am held up in a hospital room? so I have nothing better to do than to create new posts to my blog that nobody will EVER read...)

Ok so I was so excited that we found a home with a formal dinning room, as I had planned on turning it into a scrapbook/craft room. Well I have finally started working on organizing my new craft room. I have bought floating shelves, I intend to have 4 when I am done but only have two up right now. Here is a picture of the bracket going up...

I will post more photos later. I have 2 shelves up and need to get photos. Then I really need to get busy organizing. I plan on having a birthday party at the house in 2 weeks and Thanksgiving a week after that-so I at least need to get all the boxes unpacked and things put away.

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