Saturday, November 14, 2009


My four year old son is full of questions. Sometimes it can be very annoying-but what do you do? You can't tell him to shut up (although at times I am screaming it in my head). So I do my best to answer him and not let on that I am annoyed. However, there are times enough is enough. So the other night after about 2 hours of non stop questions it was bed time. We got ready for bed and pulled out a book to read. Before I ever opened the book I told him he was not to ask ANY questions until I was done reading the story. Then I began to read. I was barely through the first of eight pages when I got a little giggle. I figured he was just dying to ask a question and was very curious to how long he could wait. Then I started on page two-still no questions. I really had to struggle to restrain my laughter at this point. Then we got to page four, and I guess he just couldn't resist it any longer and neither could I. I busted into laughter. Of course he had no idea why I was laughing but he began to laugh also. So here we are both laughing as hard as we can and I am desperately trying to finish the book. I laughed so hard I cried. It was great. He still had no idea what I was laughing at and I had no intentions of telling him.

He is just the opposite of his dad and I. He could talk your ears off all day long without taking a single breath. It can be nerve racking at times but its another stage of his life that will pass. And I will surely miss hearing his sweet voice when he is all grown up-so I had better soak it up now.

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