Thursday, September 23, 2010

34 before 34

got this idea from ELAINE

34 things I want to accomplish before my 34th birthday.....

34 before 34 a 5k a backup camera backdrop equipment a studio photo shoot
5.go backpacking again
6.go kayaking
7.take my kids camping
8.take my kids canoeing something cutesy for my daughter
10.make wall art for the boy's room
11.paint a canvas for the mantel
12.photograph “alphabet” art
13.“trash the dress” photo shoot
14.lose the baby weight
15.organize my art room
16.organize my art closet the kid's art closet
18.scan old family photos
19.have a garage sell
20.vacation in the mountains for someone else in line
22.find a letterbox
23.find 100 caches
24.plant an herb garden
25.go to a drive in movie
26.decorate my grandmother's sewing box
27.take my kids fishing my own blog banner/tags
29.knit a hooded baby cocoon for portraits
30.finish knitting my daughters scarf to match her hat i made last winter
31.knit my boy's hats happy with myself my tatoo-will decide later if I actually get it!! my photography website

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