Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 1 Day 1 of C25K (couch to 5k)

I have heard about this program before but recently found a blogger that was doing the program with great success. I haven't been running consistently since I played college soccer-over 11 years ago! I recently started running-I was walking the neighborhood and would run the dead ends-wasn't much running at all but it was a start. Anyways, I started the C25K program today and I did GREAT! No I am not the fastest runner, but I ran all the running intervals. I was so proud of myself. I mean 60 seconds of running doesn't seem that much, but for someone that hasn't exercised much in the last 11 years....I think I did wonderful.

Tomorrow will be one week since I have been on Atkins, although I did have a Newk's Q on Saturday!!! I also had TWO Diet Dr. Peppers Saturday, and have had 2 other diet drinks. However, considering I was drinking 1-3 diet sodas a DAY, 4 in 7 days isn't too bad!! So I am very interested to see what the scale says tomorrow!!!! I have weighed everyday!! YES I AM CRAZY!

So we will have to wait until tomorrow to see the results...........

Today I had the day off work!! YAY ME!! I really needed the down time to get some stuff done around the house and to just get away from work. I haven't had a vacation since maternity leave a year ago.

So today, as you have already read, I...
1. Started the C25K program,
2. Called the roofers, they came out and fixed 2 leaks
3. Went through baby girls clothes and began getting them ready for a garage sale 4. Organized the boys toys-AGAIN
5. Cleaned-a little-didn't get nearly as much done as I would have liked
6. Started a project for baby girl's room
7. Ran to Hobby Lobby and Babies R Us for a few needed items-used gift cards! YAY!
8. Laundry-still working on that too
9. Geocaching!! got two today, one was missing-I think

So all in all a very productive day. Tomorrow I am volunteering at my son's school until about 10am, then its more garage sale prep, more creating!!! (hopefully not much more cleaining)

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