Saturday, August 18, 2012

Some of my school finds this week

We had a great first week of school at home.  I did send Jace (almost 3 year old) to preschool Thursday and Friday.  This seemed to make our day go faster, but I felt terribly guilty.  I want him home with me.  Maybe I will send him for a few weeks until JoAnna gets into the school routine.  Then I can work on him.  Even though today is Saturday my 5 year old wanted to do some school work.  She only did one of her work boxes but the fact she "wanted" to do school work was great.  

 I had taken pictures of lacing blocks so that my 5 year old could practice copying the patterns I created.  She did great with it and my 2 year old wanted to try it out today.  He also did a great job.  

My 2 year old also found a Disney sticker book I brought home for him.  He loves stickers and I loved that the book gave him a place to put his stickers, besides the windows on my back door and my kitchen cabinets.  My 5 and 7 year old were very jealous and wanted their own sticker books.  So I pulled out some sticker books I found at the dollar tree a few weeks ago.  I had purchased these for my 2 year old, never dreamed my 5 and 7 year olds would enjoy them so much.  They spent at least an hour with these books.  

Also this week I bought a laminator today.  

 Scotch Thermal Laminator, 2 Roller

I have been wanting one and have done some research.  I found a great one on and then found that my local Wal-mart carried the same model.  So I went today to check their price, since the price was not listed online.  Luckily it was the same price as Amazon.  So I have been laminating like crazy today.  I have tons of stuff in sheet protectors but ran out of those long ago.  I am very excited about adding this to my array of tools. 

We also made a trip to Target this week.  I had a much better trip than the one I took last week at my local Target.  This store had these little pocket charts for $1.  I have been looking into pocket charts but didn't want to spend $20-+ on a pocket chart that I might not use that often.  I couldn't pass this one up though.  As you can see my 5 year old lost one of the letters today. Oh well.  

I also found these great workbooks in the $1 bin at Target.  I am such a sucker for these educational books.  I have bought several at Target and Dollar Tree.  These are mostly for my second grader. 

Well that is all for now.  I had better get back to laminating!!  

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