Saturday, October 12, 2013

37 before 37

Yep, here it is again.  Another long list of goals for the upcoming year.  I only accomplished about a third of my goals last year-BLAAAAh!  Oh well.

This year I am planning to make two lists: goals and projects.  Things I want to accomplish and things I want to make. Maybe they will equal 37 items, maybe not.  We will see.


Things I accomplished from my "36 Before 36" list:

Organize the Art Room: well I got about half of it done-but it was a big portion of it.

Kids Fishing-I took the kids fishing, although we didn't catch anything-maybe next time

CDA-I finished my online classes, completed my observation, took my verbal & written test. Just awaiting the results. Did I pass? Did I fail?? Who knows!!!

Bookshelves-this goes alone with organizing the art room. I needed bookshelves to organize all our school supplies and books, reading books and art supplies.  I could still use more shelves but for now we are making do.  It's so much better and we have so much more room!

Teach the kids to ride their bikes without training wheels-shortly after writing this one I taught Jacob how to ride his bike without training wheels and decided that was enough for this goal.  JoAnna still has a little ways to go, but maybe by next year!

Beach Trip-I took short day trip with my parents and my kids.  The kids have really enjoyed the beach this last year.  My parents live on the coast and as much as we visit them we rarely ever go to the beach.  My kids have always been afraid of water on their face and I am not in bathing suit shape so I don't much care to go myself.  This past year we took the kids and they fell in love.  So now when we go to my parents we try to get out there for a few hours.  I also went on a ladies trip to the beach-so got two with that.

Ladies Weekend: my friends and our mom's went on a weekend trip to the beach.  It was all very last minute but so much fun.  Several of us went parasailing!! There will be plenty of stories to tell for years about that trip.

Vacation to a new state: The in laws took care of this one.  We went to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. I have traveled through Kentucky but never stayed.  We also had dinner in Ohio one night and Indiana one night. We had a great time with my in laws and sister in law and her family.

More time with God: I didn't say how much more time but I have accomplished this.  I have also joined a ladies bible study at church that I love.  Most of the women are either single or have husbands that cannot attend church or won't attend church.  So that has been a blessing.  Prior to August they only offered single classes or married. So that was a bit awkward for me.

Family Fun NIght: I don't know exactly what I had in mind when I set this. Maybe it once to have a family fun night once  a month/week or something.  However since the kids and I have had several family fun nights I marked this one as accomplished.  We had several glow parties and such this year so that was a lot of fun.  Maybe we will work on the once a month thing this next year.

Kayaking-not only did I finally go kayaking this year but I bought my own kayak.  I did take Jacob kayaking but I would like to get him out in a kayak on his own.  I think he can handle it. Lord help us both if he tips over though.  I have yet to tip over and a bit terrified at the idea of swimming in the water with gators, I cannot imagine him being in the water with gators and me having to get him back in the boat. I think we will both panic-we will see.

The *'s on my list were for personal things.  One of which I have certainly accomplished but would like to keep it a secret for a bit longer.  The other I think I am headed in the right direction of accomplishing but still have a long way to go.

As for the the things I did NOT accomplish:
Enter a Craft Fair
Travel in an RV
Host a Pinterest Party
Plant a vegetable garden (I did plant an herb garden but it died quickly)
26 acts of kindness
Inspiration Board (don't even remember what I had in mind for this one)
2012 photo book
Paint a canvas for the mantel
Drive in movie
tent camping
scrapbook 12 pages for each child
disney vacation (ha, yeah right)
Run a 5K
scan family photos
Lose weight (I did this several times, but gained it all right back)
make sheet forts with the kids
mud ridding on 4 wheeler
journal weekly
decorate the kids rooms
make christmas gifts monthly-I have lots of catching up to do on this one
Attend a couples bible study-guess I failed on this one, but with the ladies bible study staring I didn't need  to go to a couples class
teach a coupon class
Simplify- I wanted to get rid of all the junk in my house. although I did this in a few closets drawers, cabinets, etc, I have yet to get a handle on this. 

So this next week I will work on my next list, 37 before 37.  Hopefully I will be a little more successful at marking things off my list. I think I need to be a little more realistic as well. LOL!!!

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