Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Art/School Room Makeover

Our school room has been a mess for a LONG time to the point I hated to even walk into the room.  Actually we have been doing school work at the kitchen table because the school room was so unorganized I couldn't stand the sight of it.

I knew we needed more bookshelves but had yet to find any locally that would fit the room and my budget. So I resorted  to ordering online.  

Happy  birthday to me! The shelves came in this past Friday and Sunday afternoon I put all three of them together. I love the space.  Well half of the room is now organized.   I still new to work on the other half which is mostly my "project" box and other things.  

We were able to do school work IN our school room Monday.  It was great.  We only have one large desk, instead of one for each child.  Works out much better.  I can get Jacobs individual work do e, then combine them for group work.  Then he is done and I can work on JoAnna's individual work and then Jace's. it works much better to work with one child at a time rather than have them all in the room all day together. Less distraction and less fighting. 

So here are a few pictures of our art/school room.
I even pulled this bean bag chair out of the garage to use as a little reading nook.  I bought it as a prop for photography sessions. Works great in this space!!

The kids helping me put together the shelves. 

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