Saturday, November 16, 2013

Badge work

JoAnna joined American Heritage Girls (AHG) this fall. It's similar to Girl Scouts but in my opinion it's more conservative, stresses the importance of being a good steward of Christ by helping in the community, thinking of others and is focused more on raising girls into women of God.

I was a Girl Scout and starts as a brownie so I have been looking forward to JoAnna starting Girl Scouts. However at the homeschool kick off AHG had a table set up and I was very interested. 

So fast forward 3 months. JoAnna got her handbook almost two weeks ago an she has eagerly tagged 17 of the 80+- badges.  She has already completed all the requirements for her "sign language" badge and has almost completed the requirements for her "book adventurer" badge. 

She has really enjoyed the sign language. We have checked out at least four books on sign language not including the book on Helen Keller.  We have also checked out a video, even Jace is learning from the video. Amazing!!

Anywho.  Here are a few pictures to document her earning her badges!!!

Spelling her name in sign language

Getting her library card for her book adventurer badge 

They packed operation Christmas child boxes- this counts for community service hours. For every 5 hours of CS she gets a star. She already has 5.5 hours!! We did a walk for juvenile diabetes, she helped me with the 3 year old class at church, an helped me set out equipment for after school. 

Here is her handbook. She is very ambitious!

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