Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cake Decorating Badge

JoAnna has been determined to earn her "cake decorating" badge since the night one of the girls modeled her vest. She had t least 30 badges.  The girls were so excited as she told them what each one represented- especially the cake decorating badge. 

So one of the requirements was to make cupcakes, mix food coloring to make different colors, talk about the different kinds of food coloring, talk about the color wheel, use a flower tip to decorate with icing.  I had planned on JoAnna and my 8 year old niece working together in the kitchen. However I didn't realize my brother and his family had a wedding to attend.  So JoAnna had the entire kitchen to herself.  She had so much fun. 

My mom pulled out the "Baby Cakes" maker that my sister got last year.  Its similar to a waffle maker but makes cupcakes in 5 minutes.  It was awesome!!  I will probably be stealing hers or getting JoAnna one for Christmas.  I think it would be a lot of fun with the girls at the daycare too!!!

Anyway here are a few pics from our baking session. 

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