Saturday, November 23, 2013

Epilepsy Foundation 1st annual walk

My family and I walked in the 1st annual epilepsy walk, in honor of my dad.  I won't get into details but he started having seizures about 4 years ago. It's been very stressful for my parents and very frustrating. 

We got up this morning to 50 degree rainy weather.  JoAnna was walking to earn community service hours for American Heritage Girls.  I started off pushing the stroller with just Jace in it (I didn't realize the stroller tires were flat but luckily it still rolled just fine). It drizzled the entire time. About halfway unturned around to see JoAnna on my sisters back.  So I put her in the stroller.  90+ pounds in a drizzle was not pleasant but we made it. It was for a great cause and a great time with my family.  As soon as we crossed the finish line I loaded the kids up and went home. Once they post pictures I will post then here.  As for now here is the one I snapped of the kids before the walk. 

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