Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hiking Badge

Today we worked on JoAnna's hiking badge.  We talked about what to wear and what not to wear on a hike. She had to give us a little fashion show.  We talked about things to pack for a hike, what we need in our first aid kit, talked about first aid, "leave no trace", "staying found", the buddy system, hiking safety, etc.   we packed us a little lunch, a first aid kit and left daddy a map of our hike and a time we should be back. 

We also took grocery sacks with us to pick up trash along the way.  However most of the trash we saw was in the water so we didn't get much. 

We saw an interesting structure someone had built. Not sure what the purpose was unless they were maybe trying to show someone how to build a small shelter?!  

We saw many different leaves and roses that has bloomed.  It was very cold but it was so nice.  The kids love going on hikes and seeing what all they am find. 

After our hike we stopped for an early dinner and plan to make a run to Michael's to get JoAnna a scrapbook so she can start a scrapbook.  

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