Thursday, November 21, 2013

More badge work: "Inspect A Insect A" and "living in the USA"

We completed the work for two badges within two weeks of getting her Heritage Girls handbook. 

So I decided our next challenge would be to try to earn a badge in each category. So after scanning through the ones she already tagged I realized there were two we could get done fairly quick.  We have been studying the states since we got back from our trip in September and already had a unit on MS so we had already done most of the requirements for the "Living in the USA". So we reviewed our booklet we had made, then we researched the state quarter, the tags of MS, then she had to sketch the tag. 

Next we worked on the Inspect A Insect A. Again we had already studied insects last spring.  So we just pulled out our information and reviewed.  She had to draw the life cycle of a butterfly, make an ant farm (which we had already done Oct 29th which was after joining AHG but before we got her handbook so we counted it), observe ants in the ant farm, draw and label an ant farm, watch a video on bees, and host a honey tasting party.  

Hopefully we will get a chance to work on her cake decorating badge this weekend. She has been wanting that one since she saw the badge on one of the other girl's vest. She was in a troop last year so she had several badges and they had her stand up and model the uniform and talk about some of the badges she had earned. I think all the girls were excited about the cake decorating badge. 

Then we will only have one more category left.  We are going to try to get the "Hiking" badge in the last category.  We might try for that this weekend too while my niece is on town. 

We are really enjoying learning new things and adding to some things we have already learned.  Also incorporating some of her badge work with homeschooling has been fairly easy. 

I was a Girl Scout and I have been looking forward to sharing the same experiences with JoAnna. Heritage Girls has been the perfect fit for us! 

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