Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas 2013 crafts and such

We have been so busy the last month making sweets and crafts.  Tonight JoAnna and I made some homemade sugar scrub.  So much fun and so easy!!
I hope my kids will remember the last few weeks and hopefully we will make this a family tradition every year.  We have made more crafts and sweets than all the previous years put together!  This year I just really wanted to slow down and make some memories with my children.  Memories that they will look back on fondly andante even continue with their families in the years to come. 
I have many memories of Christmas time making goodies with my family. 
I have also tried to make my children aware that there are others that are less fortunate than us. Those that don't have homes,a closet full of clothiers and toys, pantries full of food. Etc. I want them to be compassionate and want to help others around them, not just at Christmas but all year long. 
Hopefully I have planted a seed in their hearts this Christmas to not only think of themselves and to remember the true meaning of Christmas. 

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