Saturday, December 28, 2013


I hope and pray that everyone has a very Merry And Blessed Christmas!!  I have really enjoyed making homemade sweets and gifts this year with the kids.  I hope and pray this is a tradition we will continue and they will have find memories of these times.  I know I have been extremely inspired to continue making homemade gifts throughout the year and possibly getting a jump start on next Christmas!!

One thing we made this past week was a  sugar scrub, I found the recipe on Pinterest!  We used three different scents: lavender sugar cookie and cinnamon. Not sure which I enjoy the most. 

Several years ago someone had given me some glass baby bottles. Whatever formula was in them had long expired but  I knew I would fin a use for those glass bottles one day!! They were the perfect size. I also had some small tins that are used for wedding favor candies. Got those on sale a few years ago as well. The tins came with round labels which fit perfectly on my jars. I also had white tags in my scrapbook stash.  So I inked the edges if both and stamped them with a blocked Christmas stamp. They turned out AMAZING!!  I cannot wait to hand them out tomorrow- or I guess later today!!  

Again hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and may God bless you today and throughout the coming year!!

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