Monday, December 2, 2013

Cake decorating badge

JoAnna has been working on her cake decorating badge.  We have made cupcakes, talked about different frosting a, different types of food coloring. Her last task was to make a cake with a molded cake pan and decorate it using a theme. 
We chose a gingerbread man cake pan and her theme was candy. Of course. We used one of the Betty Crocker "shake and pour" mixes.  You just add water (I discovered these when I read a blog about a family that makes birthday boxes to donate to local shelters.  They put together all the items needed to make a cake and decorate for a party- something some families may not get to experience. That way they don't need eggs, butter, milk, etc.). Anyway we baked our cake and then decorated it with the star tool. Then the fun part of putting candy on the cake. Even the boys got a chance to help. 

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