Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Sweets 2013

We have been busy at my house making Christmas sweets.  We had our annual baking day the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  There were 9 of us total at different times during the day.  
My kids were at their grandmothers so I decided to bake with them over the next couple of weeks. 
JoAnna also needed to make something for her cooking badge and learn about some of the common cooking utensils.  So it was a great way to make some memories with the kids and help JoAnna along on her cooking badge. 

We also made a few ornaments.  The first one JoAnna made was with a plastic ornament. We filled it with Pledge floor was then glitter. She then doodled on it an writer her name. The second is a candle. The bible verse was Isaiah 9:2-7 and the main idea was Jesus is the light of the world. Very cute.  I found a website that has a verse and ornament for everyday leading up to Christmas. 

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