Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A little creativity

Last night I had Bunco at my house.  I've know for months that I would host Bunco at my house in August, but for some reason I procrastinated. I didn't have a menu planned until the Sunday before bunco. I didn't even do my shopping for groceries and gifts until the morning of bunco!!! Wow! Talk about last minute!!

I have such a hard time with gift ideas these days. I've done crosses, bird houses, wind chimes, candles, baskets, picture frames,  etc. I need some new ideas!!

I usually shop at Hobby Lobby because they have such great deals and always have cute stuff. This time was no different. I actually found a fall colored scarf which was something different.  But I always see things I know I could make at home. But then I wait too long and run out of time. 

However, last week I did start in a project, but of course did not get it completed in time for bunco, but I finished it last night after everyone left!  

It actually turned out better than I had planned because I got some inspiration from items I had seen at Hobby Lobby yesterday. I planned to make a photo board with clips, just a plain board with a few clips. But I saw several yesterday with the burlap on them-CUTE!!  

I think it turned out cute, especially since the only thing I had to buy was the pack of clips. All the other materials I had left over from other projects. 

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