Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Jacob earned his first degree black belt!

Jacob has been taking TaeKwonDo for the last four years. This weekend he earned his first degree black belt!!

We are so proud of him. He completed his patterns with just a minor mistake- he had to redo that pattern. 

He then had to spar two of his classmates and then his instructor. Then he had to break boards. He broke one board with a hammer fist and another board with a "back elbow". Then his instructor wanted him to try breaking two boards with a side kick. He kicked one of the instructors hands on the first try, on the second attempt he barely grazed the board. By this time he was a little frustrated, but third times a charm!  He broke them!!

His cousins were also very proud and had decorated our garage door. His sister was also very proud, she drew a picture of him with his new black belt!!

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