Friday, September 18, 2015

Not too bad...

Here is dinner... 

... Hamburger patty off the George Foreman, mashed potatoes and baked broccoli.  Bad thing is it is 9:30 at night!!! 

I got off work at 6:05 and had AHG at 6:20. Meeting was over about 7:30 and we got home about 8:00!  Needless to say we had a late dinner- but at least I didn't cave into the fast food drive thru lane!! 

I am still struggling with my daily fat percentage. 

My carbs are looking good, protein not high enough, but the fat is just outrageous!!  One thing that's contributing is the peanut butter I add to my protein shakes. It helps keep the hunger away but it sure piles on the fat. Today I also had bacon for breakfast, because it was so kindly prepared and ready when I got out of bed. Then the burger for dinner was loaded with fat.  

I'll work on it. I've got chicken and fish thawing for the rest of the week, hopefully that'll get me on the right track. 

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