Sunday, July 22, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Well we stuck to the menu for the most part last week. We had an unexpected (well appreciated) guest and our oven went out. So believe me those pre-cooked frozen meals I have stored in my freezer really came in handy last week. All we did was thaw overnight and heat in the microwave.

I have always read mixed reviews about freezing pasta meals ahead. But for the most part the pasta turned out edible, wasn't as firm as I like it but it was good.

We had a huge ham in the freezer so I thawed it this weekend and we'll be eating on it most of the week-starting tonight. I just threw some in the crockpot to warm during the day, then baked potatoes in the microwave and warmed a can of peas. Easy and simple!

Here is our menu for the week: Hope pour hubby doesn't get too tired of ham!

Monday: Dining out (our house is being shown at dinner time)
Tuesday: Ham casserole-includes veggies
Wednesday: Teriyaki Chicken-from the freezer
Thursday: Ham & Potatoes with a vegetable Carried over from last week
Friday: Tacos -might serve with beans or rice (hubby doesn't like either one)


Anne said...

Yum! I enjoy freezer cooking too- it's so convenient! You reminded me that I have a ham I need to use. Great idea to just stick it in the crockpot and serve baked potatoes with it. Have a wonderful week! :)

tegdirb92 said...

yum--I really love your meal plan this week. Have a great Monday.

Christi said...

Everything sounds good - it's such a blessing to have meals in the freezer, isn't it?

Have a great week!

Sandra said...

Great menu, everything looks yummy!!!