Thursday, July 26, 2007

Too Much

Well today I bit off a little more than I could chew. We started out headed to a new "eat and play" but when we arrived it had not opened yet. So we drove by another "eat and play"-McDonalds-but they were packed with a Daycare class or something. So I thought we'd give Pizza Hutt another try-they are usually very slow, the play area is always filthy and unsafe. The netting has been torn forever and kids climb all inside. But by the time we got there J was asleep-good thing because the place was packed. I don't remember Pizza Hutt having a lunch buffet. Anyway, I took a drive to a neighboring town that we visit regularly. And by the time we arrived J had awaken from his nap. The place was packed but we still enjoyed lunch and play time. Afterwards we went to the library and J read some books and played with the huge checkers game. Then we went to PetSmart to check out the fish, birds, cats, dogs and other animals. By this time I was worn slap out. I don't think any of the places we visited today had their air on today-it was blazing hot everywhere we went. So after about 4.5 hours of piddling we finally got home and mommy took a rest on the couch. So I think I will try to stay home as much as possible the next couple of weeks-which will be very difficult for me-I like being on the go. But today was just too much.

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