Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Weigh In Day-YIKES!!

Well I weighed in this morning and I am still up 3 pounds! YIKES! With only one more week left in the challenge I had really hoped to be down at least 10 more pounds. Oh well. I just have to readjust my goals.

I have seriously thought about joining a gym for the next month. There is a local gym that you can pay month by month. It will have to come out of my "blow" money but I think I can swing it. Then I can take the kids with me and leave them at the children's center while I workout. I have a Weider machine and a stationary bike but there really isn't a good place to leave either of them out so they will be easy to access but a safe distance away from the kids. So I am not sure what I will do.

Good luck to everyone during this last week of the challenge. I hope I can at least get these three pounds off by next week.


Mama Bear June said...

I know you can lose those 3! I've considered the gym thing, too but I just think it would take too much time out of my day. If I can get my walking and weight lifting in at home, I can get showered and out of the house earlier when I have things to do. Hope you find what works for YOU! :-)
Path to Health

Jan B said...

Do you journal your foods? I find that when the weight sticks it's usually because my eating is out of whack. I have had to bring equipment into the house rather than go to a gym because we live too far away from any of them. Keep at it!!