Saturday, May 31, 2008


These days it's all I seem to deal with "poop" and "pee". No matter what brand diaper/pull up I use my son always leaks. He only wears a pull up at night, but when he wakes in the morning you would think he'd been wearing the thing for days because it is so full. At times it is so full it is literally hanging off of him. He is doing great going to the potty to "pee" but the "poop", UGH! I have resorted to using my husbands trauma sheers (he is a paramedic) to cut off J's "big boy underwear" instead of pulling the "poop" filled things down his legs and creating an even bigger mess. He gets a real kick out of mommy cutting his big boy underwear off. That might actually be hindering the potty training process-might have to rethink that one...later. So after the SECOND accident today, I told him no more t.v. or video games today. But before my husband left for work he got the new computer game up and running for J to play. I didn't think anything of it as I was busy rearranging furniture in the living room (that's a story for another blog entry!). But after my husband had left I realized J was not suppose to be playing video games today, so I headed into the next room to remind him, although I did plan on letting him continue since his daddy had set it up for him. But this is how I found him...

oh well guess you will have to come back at a later date to see the photo. as my current luck would have it, I can't get the computer to recognize my camera nor the printer to read my card.

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