Thursday, October 4, 2007

Look Great in 2008 Challenge

While skimming through blogs tonight I found this wonderful challenge blog So I joined in on the challenge. I started my weight loss journey on September 3rd. So far to date I have lost 8 pounds. I didn't meet my first goal by September 19th-which was to get to my pre-pregnancy #3 weight, so now I am working on my second goal: to be at my pre-pregnancy #1 weight by January 1st-that is the weight I was before I got pregnant with our first. That is 30lbs (oops had to make a little correction) to go-I know I can do it. After that I will work on the other 46 pounds-the weight I gained after meeting my DH.

I started back this week keeping up with my food on Calorie Count Plus Website. It has been really helpful. It gives food suggestions to replace some of the not so healthy food choices. It also graphs the protein, carbs and fat daily-which helps me to see what I need to work on to get a more balanced diet.


penguinsandladybugs said...

So glad to see you joining in the challenge...looks like you have done a great job so far...keep it up!!

Ter said...

Wishing you all the best! Perhaps I should join the challenge too. I'd like to loose at least 50 lbs. Most of it's around my middle and my behind. go figure!