Thursday, October 4, 2007

ziplock zip n' steam bags

I saw the commercial for these bags and thought I'd give them a try. Since trying to eat healthy I have been adding broccoli and cauliflower to my diet and I know boiling tends to take away some of the "nutrients" in the vegetables-or so I am told. I bought a box of them this week and gave them a try. They are wonderful! The vegetables come out wonderful. I prefer my veggies to be a little on the soft side so I steam them a bit more than the recommended amount of time. But it is so easy and quick and no clean up!! I highly recommend these bags.

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Ter said...

hm, I would try that except we got a steamer from my inlaws a few yrs ago. We don't use it that often though, just cuz it's a hassle to bring out when we want to use it. With our Brocoli and Califlower we often put them in tinfoil to put in the oven or on the BBQ with a tiny dab of butter so that they don't dry out.