Monday, October 1, 2007

Menu Plan Monday 10/1

Alright a start of a new month!!! Last month I lost a total of 7 pounds!! YIPPEE! But six pounds were lost in the first week and one pound in the last-so what happened in between??? Who knows. I did stray a bit but I still stayed below 2000 calories a day. So I am going to give it another try with the low calorie diet and try to watch my fat and carb intake. The website I use to track my food intake shows my diet is about 50% carbs, 32% fat and 18% protein. So I think I need to work on my carb and fat intake and get them both below 20%. My mom just did Atkins for 6 months and lost 50 pounds. But in reviewing the foods that you can eat-I just don't think I could do Atkins. I am a very picky eater and I don't care for too many vegetables. It seems most of the veggies I do like are not allowed on the Atkins diet. Plus I love sandwiches-cold or hot-and I just don't know if I could go without bread. So I am going to give another good go at the low calorie diet for another two weeks. If I don't see the results I want then I might just have to try Atkins. I really want to meet my goal of losing all my baby weight before January 1st. That is 33 pounds, in three months!!!

So this week I am going to try some new recipes from the WW Cookbook I borrowed a couple of weeks ago. I love trying new recipes so we will see how it goes.

Monday: Taco Chicken Tortilla Wraps pg 158 w/refried beans
Tuesday: Grilled Teriyaki Chops pg 93 w/corn
Wednesday: Pan-glazed Chicken w/basil pg 105 w/brown sugar sweet potatoes pg 184
Thursday: Roasted Garlic Potato soup pg 162
Friday: Italian Pot Roast pg 91 w/broccoli couscous pg 186 (if i can find couscous)

The dessert for this week is Caramel Banana Sundaes from page 30 in the WW cookbook.


Ter said...

hmm the soup sounds good... care to share the recipe?

Ornery's Wife said...

If you are wanting to cut your carbs, try a low carb bread, but wheat is really NOT your dieting friend. Go with a different whole grain bread and see if you notice any results.

As for the low fat, your body REALLY needs fat, just be sure it's the right kind. Really watch the trans fats that are in most baked goods, (avoid them at all costs!) and limit your saturated fats from meat and dairy. Foods like extra virgin olive oil, flaxseed meal, avocados and nuts will provide your body with the necessary oils, and while they do add calories, they will actually help you to feel full so you won't want to eat as much, and will fuel your body with necessary nutrients.

Even more important than avoiding fat, is avoiding High Fructose Corn Syrup and artificial sweeteners. Agave is a great low-glycemic sweetener that sweetens without aggravating your insulin.

There is really no proof that a low fat diet helps you lose weight, and much research that proves otherwise. Check out the website for some interesting dieting myths.

I have tried lots of different dieting methods throughout the years, WW included, and the things I have shared with you are really helping me to lose weight slowly and not lose my health in the process. Best wishes to you!