Saturday, October 13, 2007


Yeah! I accomplished my first goal-a month late-but still accomplished it. I am now at my pre pregnancy #3 weight. I just couldn't resist getting on that scale this morning-who'da thunk it. And I was ecstatic to see another 2 pound loss!! Which brings me to a total of 15 pounds and to my first goal weight. I won't be including this weight loss in my official weigh-in to the right-as I want to keep that updated weekly. But I just had to know if I had reached my first goal. YIPPEE!

Now on to the next goal. To get to my weight before my first pregnancy-which is 25 lbs to lose. I have twelve weeks to accomplish that goal. If I keep it up at my current pace I'll make it. Hopefully adding exercise and more sleep (not getting off to a good start there) will help me keep the pounds melting off!

Still need to get some pictures. I think the last picture I of myself full body was the day we left for the hospital to have our daughter. So I can't really use that one.


Ter said...

Great news Tiffany! :) Keep up the good work. I really should get working on loosing weight myself.

One Sweet Pea In Our Pod said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! :) HUGS!!