Monday, May 12, 2008

First Day of Atkins

So far today has gone well. I have had 22 grams of carbs-which is more than the 20 grams recommended but I think it is still within a healthy range as for as Atkins goes. I am still trying to stay with low fat and low calorie meats. I bought some turkey dogs and they are actually good, low calories, no fat and low in carbs. Also I bought egg beaters today so I won't be eating whole eggs for breakfast anymore-they have a ton of fat. I know Atkins is high fat and low carbs, but I just can't see taking in that much fat.

I have decided to join the Y. I think it'll have many benefits for myself. It'll give me some "ME" time and help me exercise regularly to get in shape and lose weight. So hopefully I will get over there this week and do that.

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