Monday, May 26, 2008

Weigh In #2 on Atkins

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Yeah I know the Tales from the Scales Challenge has ended-but I just had to add the button for 40lbs lost!! I have bragging rights so I had to get it!

Well I had another great week on Atkins. Still staying between 25-35 net carbs a day which is more than what is recommended but oh well. I lost another four pounds this week!! Brings my total weight loss for the two weeks to 10 pounds and my total since September to 40!!! Very excited about that. Now this week I will start going to the gym so hopefully that will tone my muscles and get me to burning more calories. I have seven more weeks before vacation so I hope to lose about 15 more pounds before vacation. That is my goal anyway. Hopefully I'll exceed that but we will see!!

I went shopping this week and bought a new dress! I never wear dresses, don't care for my calves. But I really like the way the dress looks and it hits me about mid calf so I don't think it is too bad. Plus I'll be working on toning those calves in the gym so it shouldn't be too bad for too long. Anyway, when I wear it I'll have to get a picture. It is a "print" which I normally don't do either. Most clothing items I buy are solid colors, very rarely do I buy prints. So this will be something totally different for me.

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