Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Give in...

I am going to give Atkins a try. Yes I know it isn't the healthiest diet and I know most people gain the weight back after they start eating carbs again. But I have got to lose some weight and maybe this will jump start my system to loose some weight fast. I want to cut carbs without adding too much fat and calories. Yes this will be difficult-believe me I have tried to find low carb, low fat and low calorie foods and there just aren't too many of them.

My plan is to do Atkins to jump start my system, make it through the 4 phases of Atkins. After losing the weight I will stay active and keep the weight off. I miss playing soccer and softball. I played in high school and college and could play in an adult league-if I was in shape. I hope to play again when I get my body in shape. With that said I think I can do it.

Of course most of you know that my mom has done Atkins for over a year now. She has lost a good bit of weight-most of us think too much. I don't think Atkins is healthy for long term but for short term I think it can be helpful.

So-after Mother's Day of course- I plan to start Atkins. It will be difficult because I sure love my oatmeal for breakfast and my baked potatoes for lunch and/or dinner. But I hope the end result will keep me motivated to stay on track!

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