Sunday, May 4, 2008

Little boy with MANY talents

J is 3.5 and he just seems to excel at everything he does (except potty training-but we are getting there!!). You name it and he does it, and does it well: baseball, golf, soccer, basketball, etc, etc.

Well this weekend we visited my uncle and aunt for their grandson's birthday party. My cousin has played guitar forever and he had bought one for his son-J just loved it. He held the thing like he had played before-it was the cutest thing!! He strummed on it very well and he really enjoyed it. He asked so many questions about the guitar-which I am sure goes with his age-but he was so inquisitive!! My husband and I have borrowed my brother's guitar with hopes of learning to play-but never thought about J playing. So I guess we know what we will get him for his birthday-if we wait that long. He might learn to play before we do.

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Tovi said...

You write very well.