Friday, October 15, 2010

Finds of the DAY!!!

A friend of mine had an old window pane hung on her wall with 6 pictures matted inside. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! So finally today on my day off I decided to go out and get me a few. I headed downtown but all I could find was the antique market-bust. So I decided to take about an hour drive down the highway because I've always seen these flea markets and wanted to stop. I had big hopes of finding my window panes-another bust. But I still found several goodies. I found several benches and an old camera-most of the stuff was 50% off-which was awesome!!! The second one was huge and even though I found several cute things, it just wasn't what I was looking.

Anyway while I was out and about I had posted a status on Facebook that I was looking for window panes. Luckily someone posted telling me EXACTLY where to find them-which was near the Antique Mall I had been at earlier in the day. So of course I made a mad dash to get there and JACKPOT!! They have so much cute old stuff!!! I wish I had found it earlier-I would have bought more window panes!!!

So here are my flea market finds...

I also found this CUTE camera!! I think it'll be a great prop for children's photos!! A Kodak Brownie Holiday Flash camera!!

Here are my finds from The Old Home Depot

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