Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sneak Peaks

Here are some pictures I took last weekend. The first few are of a little guy that is now six months old. I have known his daddy's family for YEARS.

For this engagement session I had wanted to shoot downtown, but they had a festival going on right in the middle of where I wanted to shoot. So we decided to try the college down the street, but they just happened to be having homecoming activities that day. So with a quick phone call we were able to shoot at this BEAUTIFUL plantation home!! It was gorgeous!!!

And finally here are some pictures of my babies. We went yesterday downtown and were able to take some shots in an area I've been wanting to try for months. Everytime I'd go they were having a festival, come to find out they had one every other weekend all summer-LOL>

There is a cute courtyard downtown that is wedged between two buildings and small trees overhang the entire courtyard. There is a sign that reads "Make a Wish" and people have tied slips of paper with their wishes onto the branches or tucked them behind the string of lights. VERY CUTE!!! My kids of course pulled a few down while I was not looking. So I explained what they were and why they were hung in the tree. I also read them to them....cute cute.

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