Friday, October 1, 2010


Well I did not get my run in this morning BOOO!!!! But I will try to get it in this weekend. I had to take my baby boy to the Dr. this morning. He has yet another ear infection-although this time it's mild-and he basically has the "head crud". Yep, thats what the Dr. said-"head crud". So we have antibiotics and eye drops, hopefully he will be feeling better by first of next week.

Tomorrow morning is also our neighborhood garage sell. I have been busy all week preparing for that, and it appears I may be up ALL night finishing up since I haven't done much the last 2 days. I still have tons of clothes to hang and sort and I haven't even unpacked the boxes of junk and toys that are in the garage. I guess I could do that early Saturday morning since it's stuff I really don't think will sell. I have never done a garage sell on my own. I remember having one in junior high and then several years ago we had one at my in laws-but I was pregnant at the time so everyoen else did most of the work. I have clothes priced at $1 each...I am starting to wonder if thats a bit high. A friend said she does her's for 25 cents and another girl does hers for 50 cents. So we will see. I don't have much other than the kids clothes and I am going to let my kids bake cookies tonight and try to sell those!!! Maybe I will even make some coffee to sell, HA!!

Lately I have gotten back into geocaching. We started off strong back in 2006 and then kinda dropped off after we had our second child in 2007. We have found a few here and there since then but now that the kids are all walking I think it would be some great family time to get out and cache with the kids. I have found several the last 2 weeks before going to work. There are three that are driving me nuts though. I have been to them twice and cannot find them!! That really bugs me!!! So hopefully Sunday morning I can get my run in, get the kids up and dressed and we can head out early and try to find a few before people start getting out and about. If you've never done geocaching you should check it out. It's a big treasure hunt and it's fun, challenging and can be educational as some are hidden in areas with history.

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